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Knife Drawer Organizer for Knives and Steak Made from Solid Maple or Walnut - Custom Fit to Your Drawer with Fully Customizable Layout

Knife Drawer Organizer for Knives and Steak Made from Solid Maple or Walnut - Custom Fit to Your Drawer with Fully Customizable Layout

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Organize your knives with a custom knife block insert hand made by me in Los Angeles, California.

How to Order:
Measure your drawer width, depth, and height. These measurements should be on the inside of your drawer box. Please make sure the measurements are exact and do not deduct from them. I will adjust the measurements by 1/8" of an inch to ensure a proper fit.

In addition, please measure the pull-out length from the face of the cabinet frame to the inside front of your drawer box. This helps me understand the accessible area of your drawer box. Finally, look for any obstructions in your drawer box that could hinder the insertion of the organizer. One example could be the screws that hold the front face of your drawer box. Please make a note of these and make sure to include them in the notes section when you place your order.

After you provide your measurements, please select a width range, number of compartments, and drawer style cutout (see images to choose a style).

What's it made of?
The walls and dividers are made of a Premium Grade Solid Hardwood Maple sourced in the United States of America. The base is made from 3/8" Premium Baltic Birch Plywood which is also sourced in the United States of America.

Are there any chemicals used?
No chemicals are used during your drawer organizer's constriction or final assembly. I assemble the insert with a non-toxic water-based, solvent-free polyvinyl acetate (PVA) wood glue. The insert is finished in a natural oil that hardens to a silky smooth finish. The finish is non-toxic, food safe, and contains no VOC's.

What happens after I order?
I will message you within 24 hours of placing your order to confirm details and measurements. After the details are confirmed, I will send you a 3D design of your insert for your approval or revision feedback.

How long does it take to make?
Most orders will ship within 24 hours of approved plans. Most because some customers might have a custom request, such as fitting a specific item in the drawer. In that case, production times will increase by a day. So you can expect your order to ship within 24-48 hours of approved plans.

How much is shipping, and how long does it take?
Free! Shipping is free to the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska. I also cannot offer free shipping to P.O. Boxes. I ship via UPS Ground Insured, and most east coast to west coast deliveries take six days.

What's Included in my order?
The drawer organizer, of course! In addition, I will work with you to create a design you're happy with. You'll receive digital files that include a 3D model of your drawer insert and plans for your reference. The flatware and cooking utensils shown in the images are not included. The drawer insert will be packed carefully in foam, and sealed in a plastic bag, within a cardboard box to ensure a safe journey from my workshop to your home.

Why order from me?
I offer personalized designs of your insert. You can feel comfortable collaborating with me, and I offer the fastest turnaround times. Typically on Etsy you'll find a 3-6 week lead time for these types of inserts. I ship all orders within three days of order placement, assuming we can nail down a design within 24 hours of placing the order. Also, I enjoy making these and consider them a work of art. Finally, I enjoy collaborating with customers to design something that makes them smile whenever they open their drawers.

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